Home Repair and Improvement Services

Need help keeping up with household maintenance, current home décor trends, or an overwhelming to-do list? Gail can help. Whether you're a London, Ontario homeowner or landlord, Gail Simpson at Reliable HOME Help will provide you with fast, affordable home improvement services designed to improve your quality of life as well as enhance the value of your property.

Our Promise

If it's broken – we'll repair it. If it's worn – we can replace it. If it's outdated – we can freshen it up If it's out of place – we'll put it back where it belongs. All of the services Reliable HOME Help performs will be done in a timely, neat, respectful manner, with the utmost care taken to ensure quality workmanship and cleanliness. Services include:

Home Maintenance Services

  • change light fixture
  • eave trough cleaning
  • window cleaning and caulking
  • yard work including raking
  • flowerbed maintenance
  • install blinds

Painting and Finishing

  • interior painting
  • exterior painting
  • kitchen cupboards refinishing
  • wall preparation prior to painting

Home Repairs

  • deck repairs
  • small drywall repairs
  • trim replacement or installation
  • fence and gate installation or repair
  • driveway sealing
  • parking lot line painting
  • door adjustments
  • doorknob and lock replacement or installation
  • change a set of taps
  • adjust a running toilet
  • assemble furniture
  • install closet organizers
  • install shelves
  • hang pictures
  • hang curtain rods, including shower curtain rods
  • garage door opener installation or adjustment
Have a beautiful decorative shelving unit or light fixture that requires installation? Then give Gail a call! Gail happily assists her clients with a wide variety of home decor installation projects. The above is far from an exhaustive list of our London, Ontario home maintenance services. If you need help with a task that isn't listed, just let us know – we'd be happy to provide you with an estimate.

What Sets Reliable HOME Help Apart

  • Experience: Gail has years of experience in the home improvement and construction industry. Her knowledge and expertise ensure that every job, regardless of the requirements, is done properly.
  • Service Oriented: Gail will work around your schedule in order to provide you with prompt, personal service.
  • Tidy and clean: You won't even know Gail's been there once she's done!
  • OPP and RCMP Checked: Safety and security are important, especially when inviting a stranger into your home. Gail is happy to provide any client with a background check prior to beginning a project.
  • Female: Home improvement projects require both brawn and beauty. Gail's feminine intuition is just one of the many tools in her belt.
Reliable HOME Help repairs more than just homes – we revive your pride of home ownership. Contact Gail today to book any of the above services.