About Gail

Meticulous, knowledgable, hard-working, and passionate. These are just a few words you can use to describe Gail Simpson, owner and operated of Reliable HOME Help. The daughter of a self-proclaimed "handyman," Gail was introduced to the home improvement and construction industry early. From blueprints to paint chips, Gail can help you navigate a wide variety of London, Ontario home improvement and home maintenance projects from start to finish. Gail's experience stems from a variety of past employment opportunities, including a lengthy construction position with a subdivision developer. She has also participated in humanitarian building projects, traveling to Peru to aid in the construction of an orphanage, and Africa to aid in the construction of a school. The knowledge and experience that she’s gained through these opportunities has inspired Gail to offer more than just affordable London, Ontario home maintenance services – she also offers heartfelt advice and a helping hand. "I'm very passionate about maintaining homes and helping people. It is always a great feeling to know you have helped someone achieve their vision and to help people stay in their home longer." Gail has a lifetime of knowledge and experience that she brings to each and every job. Whether you're struggling to catch up on small home repairs, or simply need a second opinion about home decor, Gail's input and advice will provide you with a priceless source of inspiration, knowledge, and assistance. Why just repair your home when you can revive it? Contact Gail Simpson today at Reliable HOME Help to discuss service offerings and project requirements.